Matching – Nouns in the News and What's up?

Read each sentence and find the correct answer.
Click the answers and drag them to the correct sentence.

a deli
fig and turkey
a Pizza Margherita
a ballerina
an apple
the egg mayonnaise
a butty
1. A __________ is a person, place, or thing.
2. The Pavlova was named for what/whom? ______________________
3. The most popular sandwich in the UK is ________________________.
4. John Montagu was the fourth _______ of Sandwich.
5. The Granny Smith is variety of __________.
6. The most popular flavor of ice cream in America is ______________.
7. Red tomatoes, white cheese and green basil baked on a crust is a _______________________.
8. A strange flavor of ice cream is __________________.
9. A sandwich made from bread, butter, ketchup and either chips or bacon is called ____________________.
10. A restaurant that serves light food such as soup or quiche is _________________.