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    Improve you vocabulary thanks to a variety of everyday life situations: in the workplace, meeting people, going out, giving your opinion, etc... A complete training along with downloadable lessons and videos. You will learn useful expressions, tips for conversations, grammar points and cultural differences.  Successful small talk: a three-days long...

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    Nigel Wilkins & Katherine Steele, Lexique de l’immobilier – Dictionary of Property dealing in France (French/English; English/French) A "pied à terre" in Paris, a flat on the French Riviera ? This dictionary is aimed to people who need to speak in English to negotiate, sell, draft a contract, or buy a property in France. 

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    You love food and cooking? Discover this 125-pages long glossary focusing on food: ingredients and typical meals' names, verbs and expressions, typical phrases... All of that translated in French and English. 

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    Get the Job: a 2 days-long training course All of the lessons are taught by Christina Rebuffet. Benjamin, an English language instructor with 10 years of experience in professional training, also takes part in the videos.  This lesson will teach you how to answer to the 12 main questions usually asked during a job interview in English.  Downloadable audio...

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