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  • A historical tour through Belfast
    A historical tour through Belfast
    26 Vues Aimé

    The whole island of Ireland is a wonderful place to visit: you can discover beautiful towns and breath-taking landscapes all around the country. But it is also possible to learn about the rich history of both countries while travelling around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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  • The Pacific Crest Trail
    The Pacific Crest Trail
    60 Vues Aimé

    Each year, hundreds of hiking fans and wilderness lovers embark on an incredible adventure: the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This long-distance hike is located on the West American Coast and goes through three states: California, Oregon and Washington.

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  • The Epsom Derby
    The Epsom Derby
    40 Vues Aimé

    Do you know the Royal Ascot? The most important racing event of the year in the United Kingdom. Today, let’s find out about another major racing weekend: the Epsom Derby.

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  • Sweet recipes: cheesecake and lemon curd
    Sweet recipes: cheesecake and lemon curd
    44 Vues Aimé

    Mix America’s favorite dessert with a British speciality and get a delicious cheesecake with a lemon curd topping! 

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