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  • King Charles III unwell but transparent (niveaux B1-B2)
    King Charles III unwell but transparent (niveaux B1-B2)
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    Earlier this month, King Charles III went into hospital for a medical procedure. What was meant to be routine quickly took a turn for the worse. The King was diagnosed with cancer of a type that hasn’t yet been shared with the public.

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  • 51 years later – guilty or not?
    51 years later – guilty or not?
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    Patrick McVeigh, 44, was killed in south Belfast on 13th May 1972. Why? He was a victim of the Northern Ireland Troubles. Who killed him? A British soldier whose identity is secret.  Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service calls him Soldier F.

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  • Élections américaines | Édition spéciale
    Élections américaines | Édition spéciale
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    L'équipe éditoriale des magazines Go English s'est plongée dans nos archives et vous propose une sélection d'articles de différents niveaux sur une même thématique : les élections américaines.  Vous allez être incollable sur le sujet !

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  • The world says goodbye to Shane MacGowan
    The world says goodbye to Shane MacGowan
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    Thousands lined the streets of Dublin to pay their last respects to singer-songwriter, Shane MacGowan on December 8th, 2023. The London-Irish punk who transformed Irish traditional music with The Pogues died on November 30th from pneumonia at 65 after contracting viral encephalitis. 

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  • Surf therapy. Is that a thing?
    Surf therapy. Is that a thing?
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    You bet it is! Research shows that surfing as a therapeutic program is a practical and effective way to deal with mental health issues for children and adolescents. In fact, it works on adults too.

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  • Was life simpler when apples and blackberries were simple fruits? B2-C1
    Was life simpler when apples and blackberries were simple fruits? B2-C1
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    10/11/23, Way before the words ‘apple’ and ‘blackberry’ become associated with telephones, they were just simple fruits. And life was simpler. Today, the fact that we think of technology instead of a delicious snack when we hear these words shows how much impact the mobile phone has had on our lives. 

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  • Day of the Dead
    Day of the Dead
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    Autumn isn’t only for Halloween and Thanksgiving! There’s another holiday you may not know about – Día de Los Muertos which means the Day of the Dead in English. Ooh, spooky! 

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  • When money is thicker than blood
    When money is thicker than blood
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    ‘Blood is thicker than water’ is an English proverb meaning that family relationships are always stronger than other types of relationships. While this is true for many people, the reality is that other things can trump family relationships, like money. This is the case with Elvis Presley’s heirs, both chosen and wannabe.

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  • Illegal to buy Jack Daniels
    Illegal to buy Jack Daniels
    838 Vues J'aime

    Of course, it’s not illegal to buy Jack Daniels! It’s the most famous whiskey brand in the world, isn’t it? We see it in bars and restaurants everywhere. This means people are buying it. So, how can it be illegal to buy Jack Daniels?

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  • Greenwich trip
    Greenwich trip
    879 Vues J'aime

    Greenwich trip

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  • To pay or not to pay? That is the question.(B1-B2)
    To pay or not to pay? That is the question.(B1-B2)
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    12/09/2023. ULEZ, is the acronym for London’s ultra-low emission zone. London mayor, Sadiq Kahn, introduced it in 2019 to tackle toxic air in the city.

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  • Nessie or giant eels? (A2-B1)
    Nessie or giant eels? (A2-B1)
    1536 Vues J'aime

    12/09/2023. Up to three hundred people were at Loch Ness at the end of August 2023. Was it a party? 

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  • Hollywood Walk of Shame. (B1/B2)
    Hollywood Walk of Shame. (B1/B2)
    1596 Vues J'aime

    Bill Cosby, Alfred Hitchcock, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and Donald Trump – what do they have in common? 10/07/2023

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  • Beware the crow! (A2)
    Beware the crow! (A2)
    1323 Vues J'aime

    Crows are very intelligent birds. But they are also animals who act on instinct. Combine their intelligence and their instinct and you may have a problem. What type of problem? Crow attacks! 07/07/2024

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  • Meet the new Prince and Princess of Wales! (A1-A2)
    Meet the new Prince and Princess of Wales! (A1-A2)
    1419 Vues J'aime

    14//6/2023. The title of prince of Wales is a special one. Why? It’s reserved for the next person who will be king. There is no uncertainty. Prince William, King Charles III’s eldest son, is now Prince of Wales. The title began in 1301 when King Edward I gave it to his son, Edward II. 

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  • Marianne Williamson for President – why not? (B1-B2)
    Marianne Williamson for President – why not? (B1-B2)
    1093 Vues J'aime

    14/06/2023. Marianne Williamson is a candidate for President of the United States. Unfortunately, she’s not being taken seriously. What beef do the American people have with her? Is it because she’s a woman? In part, yes, but it’s mostly because of her past. 

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  • Agatha Christie in revision. (A2-B1)
    Agatha Christie in revision. (A2-B1)
    1387 Vues J'aime

    03/05/2023 .Times change. People change. Thoughts change. Things that were acceptable yesterday, are not acceptable today.

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  • Royal RSVP (B1-B2)
    Royal RSVP (B1-B2)
    844 Vues J'aime

    03/05/2023.The big day for King Charles is almost here. He will officially be crowned king on May 6th. His coronation will be a huge event in the UK. 

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  • Scotland’s new first minister
    Scotland’s new first minister
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    What’s up in Scotland this year? It just so happens that quite a lot is up in the land of haggis, castles and loch monsters. And it’s all to do with the Scottish National Party.

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  • Animal tourism in South Africa, the ethical way
    Animal tourism in South Africa, the ethical way
    977 Vues J'aime

    You’re on holiday in South Africa because you want to see the might and majesty of African animals. After all, who doesn’t want to spot a lion creeping through the bush, or a monkey grooming its baby? But is your curiosity unethical? It depends.

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  • Love is a story - A2
    Love is a story - A2
    1330 Vues J'aime

    Here is a love story for you.They met in 2006 at the Cannes Film Festival.She was married to Vincent Cassel. He was married to Helena Bonham Carter.

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  • Niki de Saint Phalle in Toulouse
    Niki de Saint Phalle in Toulouse
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    Niki de Saint Phalle was a Franco-American sculptor and painter born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1930. She is famous for beautiful and positive representations of women and outsized sculptures. While de Saint Phalle passed away in 2002, the museum Les Abattoirs in Toulouse has been celebrating her career in an exhibition from October 2022 to March 2023.

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  • Music releases: Pink & Gorillaz (A2-B1)
    Music releases: Pink & Gorillaz (A2-B1)
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    Le 16/02/2023. American singer Pink is releasing her ninth album on February 17th 2023, "Trustfall", which she has described as ‘the best album I ever made’. And Gorillaz, an English virtual band, is also releasing a new album on February 24th 2023.

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  • Recipe: Sweet potato crab cakes (A2)
    Recipe: Sweet potato crab cakes (A2)
    1057 Vues J'aime

    Le 16/02/2023. À la recherche d'une recette saine à base de crabe ? Découvrez celle du beignet de crabe à la patate douce ! Délicieuse, et facile à faire, elle sera idéale pour un apéro ou un dîner.

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  • Wednesday is a winner! (A2-B1)
    Wednesday is a winner! (A2-B1)
    1219 Vues J'aime

    Le 18/01/2023. When someone asks you, “Do you like Wednesday?”, they are: asking you for your opinion on a day of the week? Asking you if you like a Netflix series by Tim Burton? 

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  • We love verse novels (B2)
    We love verse novels (B2)
    791 Vues J'aime

    Le 17/01/2023. Does poetry remind you of boring language lessons in a dark classroom on a gloomy day? If it does, you probably won’t believe me when I say that you might not like poetry, but you’ll love verse novels. 

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  • Happy New Year in Sydney! (A2)
    Happy New Year in Sydney! (A2)
    1483 Vues J'aime

    Le 16/12/2022. New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia is a grand event. More than a million people travel into the city to celebrate. Most of the official celebrations are by the bay. So, the city organises vantage points and an events programme. 

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  • Christmas lights during an energy crisis (B1/B2)
    Christmas lights during an energy crisis (B1/B2)
    1041 Vues J'aime

    Le 16/12/2022. With the ongoing energy crisis, is it reasonable to light up our streets with Christmas lights? In central London, the switching on of the lights is a big event every year as it signals the beginning of the holiday season. But concerns over energy supplies have become serious since Russian president Vladimir Putin's invaded Ukraine.

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  • Australian football team and human rights in Qatar (B2)
    Australian football team and human rights in Qatar (B2)
    1549 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/11/2022. In November 2022, Qatar will be the first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup. While this is positive, unfortunately, the country does not have a good track record in terms of human rights. In particular, there is concern over its treatment of foreign workers and discrimination against same-sex relationships.

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  • The lost art of writing letters (A2-B1)
    The lost art of writing letters (A2-B1)
    1167 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/11/2022. How many emails arrive in your inbox every day? How many text messages do you send or receive? Count them. I’m sure there are lots. How many e-mails do you delete without reading? And how many text messages do you read but never reply?

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  • Wanted: Penguin Counter (A2-B1)
    Wanted: Penguin Counter (A2-B1)
    2125 Vues J'aime

    Le 19/10/2022. At the beginning of the year, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust created a strange job alert for four people. It said, “We are now recruiting for a new team to be based at Port Lockroy in Antarctica for the 2022/23 season.” What’s strange about that? There is no electricity, no plumbing and there are no other residents on Goudier island except for 1 500 penguins!

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  • The green king (B2)
    The green king (B2)
    904 Vues J'aime

    Le 19/10/2022. King Charles III has lived his whole life in the limelight. Royal functions, royal duties and his personal life have always been public knowledge. But there’s a side to King Charles that the media doesn’t often talk about – King Charles is an avid environmentalist and has a passion for architecture. 

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  • Recipe: Raspberry and oat slice (A2)
    Recipe: Raspberry and oat slice (A2)
    1332 Vues J'aime

    Le 5/10/2022. Have you ever heard of The Hebridean Baker? His name is Coinneach MacLeod and he’s a TikTok sensation, sharing great recipes from the Isle of Lewis with a lovely Scottish accent. Here’s one of his recipes!

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  • Is Port Oakland green? (A2-B1)
    Is Port Oakland green? (A2-B1)
    1244 Vues J'aime

    Le 21/09/2022. Port Oakland, in the San Francisco Bay, is the fifth busiest container port in the USA. Danny Wan, Executive Director for the Port of Oakland says, “We are proud of the 84,000 jobs that the port and its partners create.” Creating jobs is important for the economy, but is the port respectful of the environment? The answer is maybe. 

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  • The problem with People’s Park (B1)
    The problem with People’s Park (B1)
    1144 Vues J'aime

    Le 21/09/2022. In Berkeley, California, People’s Park is a problem for the city of Berkeley and the University of California. Why? In the 60s, the park was a symbol for community and freedom of expression. But today, the park is home to the homeless. And not everyone is happy about that. 

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  • The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II (C1)
    The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II (C1)
    4075 Vues J'aime

    Le 09/00/2022. Cet article en anglais de niveau C1 retrace le règne de notre regrettée Elizabeth II.

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  • Recipe: Cobb salad (A2)
    Recipe: Cobb salad (A2)
    1585 Vues J'aime

    Le 02/08/2022. When I was living in California for one summer, my favourite meal was a Cobb salad with homemade dressing. Why? It was crisp, fresh, delicious and filling!

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  • Look to the British! (B2)
    Look to the British! (B2)
    1148 Vues J'aime

    Le 08/07/2022. The UK are setting an example for the rest of the world in terms of the refugee crisis. While many people have criticised how the UK government treats refugees, there are charities, non-profit organisations and individuals who work hard at welcoming refugees to the country. This is definitely a time to look to the British if you want to learn about benevolence!  

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  • New York, New York! (A2-B1)
    New York, New York! (A2-B1)
    1917 Vues J'aime

    Le 04/07/2022. New York City (NYC) is one of the world’s cultural capitals. Everyone knows about the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and Central Park, but there is much more to the city than you thought. Here are some fun facts about the city that never sleeps. 

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  • Expressions using the word 'queen" (C1)
    Expressions using the word 'queen" (C1)
    1841 Vues J'aime

    Le 17/06/2022. Article en anglais sur des expressions connues autour de la reine d'Angleterre, Élisabeth II. Extrait de Go English n°89

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  • Summer Carnival in Malta (B2)
    Summer Carnival in Malta (B2)
    1467 Vues J'aime

    Le 17/06/2022. Malta is a diverse destination for a holiday. If you like swimming in the sea, learning about history, immersing yourself in a foreign culture or soaking up the sun – Malta’s the place for you! 

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  • Long live the Queen! (B1-B2)
    Long live the Queen! (B1-B2)
    1598 Vues J'aime

    Le 08/06/2022. Imagine becoming queen at just 25 years of age! Are you scared, intimidated, anxious, excited? British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who became queen in 1952 probably felt all those emotions. Now, we are 70 years later and the British are celebrating her Platinum Jubilee.

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  • ‘The Dropout’ / B2
    ‘The Dropout’ / B2
    1212 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/05/2022. “Money. Romance. Tragedy. Deception. How did the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire loses it all in the blink of an eye?” This is part of the description for ‘The Dropout’, a series about Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos. Intriguing, isn’t it? And it becomes even more intriguing when you know that the series is based on a true story. 

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  • Hello May! (A2-B1)
    Hello May! (A2-B1)
    1064 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/05/2022. May is a lovely month – it’s spring in the northern hemisphere with flowers and warmer weather. In the southern hemisphere, it’s autumn and a cool respite from the hot southern summers. But all over the world, May is a month that celebrates important historical events and some amazing facts. 

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  • Belfast (A2)
    Belfast (A2)
    1221 Vues J'aime

    Le 13/04/2022. The 24th Oscar Awards were held on March 27th.  It was a happy day for Sir Kenneth Branagh. Why? Branagh was nominated eight times over the years, but he never won. And this year, he did! His film called "Belfast" won the category of best original screenplay. 

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  • A simple, but rich life (B1-B2)
    A simple, but rich life (B1-B2)
    1638 Vues J'aime

    Le 13/04/2022. The Maasai are a tribe of people in Tanzania. They live off their cattle. And they are nomadic because they must often move to greener pastures so their cattle can eat. This means that they don’t have a lot of possessions. Even their houses are temporary!

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  • Floods in Australia (B1)
    Floods in Australia (B1)
    1411 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/03/2022. Australians are currently experiencing the consequence of La Nina phenomenon. What is that? La Nina develops when strong winds blow warm surface water of the Pacific Ocean away. Cold water replaces the warm water and causes cyclones.

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  • Boys won’t be boys (B2)
    Boys won’t be boys (B2)
    1270 Vues J'aime

    Le 8/03/2022. “Boys won’t be boys. Boys will be what we teach them to be.” Ben Hurst. Statistically, one in three women experience physical, emotional or sexual violence at least once in their lives. People like Ben Hurst challenge the ideas in our society that cause this type of behaviour. 

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  • A skiing lesson (A1)
    A skiing lesson (A1)
    1464 Vues J'aime

    Le 17/02/2022. Meet Ella, who is English. She is having her first skiing lesson with Peter, her instructor. Let's see what they say.

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  • Jane Campion (A2-B1)
    Jane Campion (A2-B1)
    1187 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/02/2022. Jane Campion is a contemporary film director, screenwriter and producer from New Zealand. What is she known for? She was the second woman in history nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director. But that’s not all – she was also the first woman to receive the Palme d’Or for "The Piano" in 1993.

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  • A mysterious fire in South Africa’s parliament (A2-B1)
    A mysterious fire in South Africa’s parliament (A2-B1)
    1439 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/01/2022. On Sunday 2nd January 2022, a fire started in South Africa’s parliament. It destroyed the main chamber before firefighters stopped it. The interior of the National Assembly is damaged. It will cost a lot of money to repair it. The building is 130 years old. What a disaster!

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  • The bright side (B1-B2)
    The bright side (B1-B2)
    1305 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/01/2022. In English, we say, “Look on the bright side”. It means you should look at the good parts of a bad situation, not just the bad parts. Why? Because there is always something to be grateful for. I hear you say, “But what about the climate crisis? What about the pandemic? I’m happy 2021 is finished! Perhaps 2022 will be better.” 

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  • Christmas in Jamaica (B1)
    Christmas in Jamaica (B1)
    1430 Vues J'aime

    Le 13/12/2021. In Jamaica, they celebrate in many of the same ways as people in other English-speaking countries, by exchanging presents, decorating their homes and having a big family dinner. But they also have some distinctly Jamaican traditions!

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  • The Times Square Ball (A2)
    The Times Square Ball (A2)
    1395 Vues J'aime

    Le 09/12/2021. About 100 years ago, a tradition began in New York on New Year’s Eve. Every year, thousands of people go to Times Square to celebrate the new year. But what’s so special about Times Square?

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  • Get cracking! (B1-B2)
    Get cracking! (B1-B2)
    1142 Vues J'aime

    Le 09/12/2021. The British know how to enjoy Christmas dinner – they crack crackers! What is this strange tradition? 

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  • The rights of nature (B2-C1)
    The rights of nature (B2-C1)
    1381 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/11/2021. The United Nations, commenting on human rights and the environment, has stated, “From New Zealand to Colombia, the powerful idea that nature has rights is taking root in legal systems".

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  • Greta Thunberg on COP26 (B2)
    Greta Thunberg on COP26 (B2)
    1407 Vues J'aime

    Le 12/11/2021. “This is no longer a climate conference. This is now a global greenwashing* festival.” These are the words from 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg concerning COP26. But what is greenwashing? It’s the process of giving the false impression about how a company is environmentally friendly. But why? The aim is to win the loyalty of people by making promises that are never delivered.

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  • Fairy Creek protests (A2)
    Fairy Creek protests (A2)
    1260 Vues J'aime

    Le 12/11/2021. In August 2020 protesters started protesting logging near Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The dispute concerns a debate on logging Canada's ancient forests.

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  • Art Deco architecture (B1)
    Art Deco architecture (B1)
    1870 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/10/2021. Art Deco was a design period in the United States and Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. It influenced fashion, art and architecture. But why is it special? It was original and it mixed beauty and practicality.  

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  • South Africa in October (B2)
    South Africa in October (B2)
    1736 Vues J'aime

    Le 04/10/2021. While South Africa is a beautiful country to visit in any season, spring is a season that will delight you if are discovering Africa in October. Temperatures are mild, the north is on the cusp of the rainy season, and shoulder season prices for accommodation still apply.

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  • A typical secondary school day in the UK (A1-A2)
    A typical secondary school day in the UK (A1-A2)
    3654 Vues J'aime

    Le 31/08/2021. Some general facts: the law in Britain says that all children must have an education from age four to 16. They can go to a state school (free) or an independent school (parents must pay), or have their education at home.

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  • Shorter work weeks (B2-C1)
    Shorter work weeks (B2-C1)
    1459 Vues J'aime

    Le 31/08/2021. While the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives irrevocably, and in often unwanted ways, a surprisingly positive trend may have come out of it – the four-day work week. 

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  • A catchy tune (A2-B1)
    A catchy tune (A2-B1)
    1493 Vues J'aime

    Le 30/08/2021. Imagine life without music? Boring! Music influences your moods, inspires you, turns a simple gathering into a party, and makes you want to dance. But do you know how to talk about music in English? 

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  • Garde Mômji Bilingue et Garde Mômji Créative : deux concepts signés Mômji
    Garde Mômji Bilingue et Garde Mômji Créative : deux concepts signés Mômji
    1630 Vues J'aime

    La garde Mômji Bilingue est un service de nounou à domicile en anglais et dans d’autres langues étrangères (espagnol, allemand, russe). Vous pouvez choisir une formule 100% bilingue, dite en immersion, ou une formule avec un temps d’activité et de jeux dans la langue choisie, dite en initiation. 

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  • Open questions (A1-A2)
    Open questions (A1-A2)
    2818 Vues J'aime

    Le 26/07/2021. Afin de pouvoir converser en anglais, l'utilisation des questions est essentielle car celles-ci nous permettent de nous questionner, mais surtout de questionner les autres.

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  • #FreeBritney (B2-C1)
    #FreeBritney (B2-C1)
    1751 Vues J'aime

    Le 08/07/2021. What’s the #FreeBritney hashtag about? Has Britney Spears been kidnapped? No, the reality is a little less dramatic, but worrying nonetheless! The star’s fans created the campaign to show their support in her efforts to regain autonomy over her finances, private life and right to live freely.

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  • Sun, sea and scenery in the southwest of England (C1)
    Sun, sea and scenery in the southwest of England (C1)
    1566 Vues J'aime

    Le 28/06/2021. Pack your swimming costumes, your sun-cream and your surfboards everybody! We’re going on a trip to Cornwall, the beautiful county on the south-west tip of England.

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  • Cooking Measurements (A1-A2)
    Cooking Measurements (A1-A2)
    2062 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/06/2021. Recipes in English-speaking countries use weight, volume or numbers. All countries use volume for liquids, but in the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia, people also use it for dry ingredients, such as sugar and flour.

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  • What’s happening in Boston on the 4th of July? (A2-B1)
    What’s happening in Boston on the 4th of July? (A2-B1)
    1686 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/06/2021. The 4th of July is Independence Day in the USA. What does that mean? Independence Day celebrates the day in 1776 when the United States was no longer ruled by Great Britain – it became an independent country. Independence Day in the USA is a national holiday and a very big deal to all Americans. Let’s visit Boston and find out how they celebrate the 4th of July!

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  • Vaccine passports for the US, UK and EU – yay or nay? (B2-C1)
    Vaccine passports for the US, UK and EU – yay or nay? (B2-C1)
    1716 Vues J'aime

    Le 09/06/2021. People worldwide are eagerly waiting for life to pick up where it left off with the Covid-19 vaccine campaigns. While many countries are putting vaccine passports into place, questions have arisen as to whether this is ethical. The UK, US and EU have different points of view concerning vaccine passports. Let’s see where everyone is at!

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  • The phonetic alphabet (A1)
    The phonetic alphabet (A1)
    3014 Vues J'aime

    Le 27/05/2021. Il arrive, en apprenant une langue, d'avoir l'impression de passer beaucoup de temps à apprendre des choses « inutiles », alors qu'on ne parle pas aussi bien qu'on le souhaiterait. C'est souvent le cas des apprenants appelés à apprendre l'alphabet phonétique, comme préalable à l'apprentissage de la prononciation.

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  • Invitation réservée aux enseignant.e.s d'anglais
    Invitation réservée aux enseignant.e.s d'anglais
    1434 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/05/2021. Valérie Hyenveux, enseignante et rédactrice en chef des magazines de la gamme Go English, vous propose de découvrir comment enseigner la culture et de la civilisation anglophones pour tous avec la gamme Go English.

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  • Our feathered friends (B2-C1)
    Our feathered friends (B2-C1)
    1359 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/05/2021. There are more than 10,000 species of stunning birds that call our planet home. However, many of them are facing extinction. Let’s have a look at some of our feathered friends who have been unfortunate enough to make the endangered species list.

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  • Florian Zeller, Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman about 'The Father' (C1-C2)
    Florian Zeller, Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman about 'The Father' (C1-C2)
    1782 Vues J'aime

    Le 02/05/2021. On Sunday 25th April 2021, the movie The Father received two Oscars: Best Adapted Screenplay for Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton, and Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins, who becomes the oldest actor to receive the prize at 83, portraying a man slipping into dementia.

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  • Jacinda Ardern vs COVID-19 (B1-B2)
    Jacinda Ardern vs COVID-19 (B1-B2)
    1319 Vues J'aime

    Le 12/04/2021. The World Health Organisation has praised New Zealand’s plan of action in dealing with COVID-19, and holds up the country as an example to the rest of the world. But what is Jacinda Ardern’s strategy behind New Zealand’s COVID-19 success, and is it sustainable?

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  • The Prince of Wales (B1)
    The Prince of Wales (B1)
    2028 Vues J'aime

    Le 12/04/2021. Have you ever wondered why Prince Charles holds the title of Prince of Wales, and not Prince of England? There’s an interesting story behind this peculiarity which has more to do with Wales’ deference to England than with the power of Wales itself.

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  • Saint Patrick’s Day (A2-B1)
    Saint Patrick’s Day (A2-B1)
    2749 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/03/2021. Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th is a day for huge celebrations worldwide. Did you know that it is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival? So, how does the world celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

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  • Work from home…in Montserrat (B2)
    Work from home…in Montserrat (B2)
    1927 Vues J'aime

    Le 26/02/2021. If you work remotely – either because of the COVID-19 pandemic or because that is the nature of your job – you now have the opportunity of working from home in Montserrat, an island in the Carribean. Doesn’t that sound cool?

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  • Rencontrons-nous lors d’un salon virtuel !
    Rencontrons-nous lors d’un salon virtuel !
    2007 Vues J'aime

    Le 21/02/2021. Go English est partenaire du salon virtuel « ma formation en langues » organisé par Studyrama le 9 mars 2021 de 17h à 21h.

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  • Amanda Gorman (B2)
    Amanda Gorman (B2)
    1847 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/02/2021. If you didn’t know who Amanda Gorman was before President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021, you probably do now. It would be difficult to not notice this dynamic and driven young activist who is also the youngest poet in history to recite at a presidential inauguration.

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  • What's your hobby? (A1)
    What's your hobby? (A1)
    1570 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/02/2021. Painting? Reading? Acting? Cooking? What among these is your hobby?

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  • The Brexit Deal / B1
    The Brexit Deal / B1
    1823 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/01/2021. It’s January 2021, and Brexit is now a reality. The agreement between the UK and Europe took effect from December 31st at 11pm. It deals with new rules for living, working and trading, but while the whole agreement is more than 1,200 pages, here are some of the essentials.

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  • Invitation réservée aux enseignant.e.s d'anglais
    Invitation réservée aux enseignant.e.s d'anglais
    1761 Vues J'aime

    Le 04/01/2021. Valérie Hyenveux, enseignante et rédactrice en chef des magazines de la gamme Go English, vous propose de découvrir comment les magazines peuvent vous aider à développer l'expression orale en cours.

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  • The months of the year / A2
    The months of the year / A2
    2018 Vues J'aime

    Le 11/12/2020. The English names for the twelve months of the year all date from the Roman era.

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  • Messages for Christmas cards / A2-B1
    Messages for Christmas cards / A2-B1
    1770 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/12/2020. Sometimes it's difficult to think of messages for Christmas cards, especially when you send a lot of them. Should your message be religious or neutral, formal or informal, funny or serious? Luckily, you can choose!

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  • What is your dream present for next Christmas? / A1-A2
    What is your dream present for next Christmas? / A1-A2
    1505 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/12/2020 "I love to travel and I can’t think of a better present than the gift of adventure. A Christmas dream would be a trip to Shanghai to visit the city, but also to go to Disneyland." And you? What is your dream present?

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  • Christmas in the UK / B2
    Christmas in the UK / B2
    3220 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/12/2020. Merry Christmas! Have you ever wondered how people in different countries celebrate Christmas? The British have different traditions from the French. Let’s find out about some of them.

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  • Black Friday / B1-B2
    Black Friday / B1-B2
    2871 Vues J'aime

    Le 20/11/2020. Yay, it’s Friday! Fridays signal the end of the work week, and two days of freedom for most people. But, one Friday in every year celebrates a special event called Black Friday. When is Black Friday and what is it?

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  • Webinaire n°1 / Animez vos cours avec English Now & Go English
    Webinaire n°1 / Animez vos cours avec English Now & Go English
    1867 Vues J'aime

    Le 20/11/2020. Découvrez le 1er webinaire animé par Valérie Hyenveux, rédactrice en chef des magazines Go English et English Now.

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  • Sean Connery dies at 90 / B2-C1
    Sean Connery dies at 90 / B2-C1
    2031 Vues J'aime

    Le 12/11/2020. Many people think of James Bond when they hear the name Sean Connery, but Connery was more than a mere character in a film. He was a man who came from humble beginnings, a man with talent and an astute businessman.

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  • Invitation réservée aux enseignants d'anglais
    Invitation réservée aux enseignants d'anglais
    1629 Vues J'aime

    Le 22/10/2020. Valérie Hyenveux, enseignante et rédactrice en chef des magazines de la gamme Go English vous invite à participer à un webinar qui vous donnera de nombreuses idées pour utiliser les magazines en classe.

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  • The London Eye – not just a giant wheel / A2-B1
    The London Eye – not just a giant wheel / A2-B1
    3223 Vues J'aime

    Le 13/10/2020. The London Eye is an observation wheel on London’s Southbank, a stone’s throw away from the London Aquarium and the London Dungeons. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London with more than 3.5 million tourists every year. So, what’s so great about it? 

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  • Garde-Active et Baby-Speaking : deux concepts signés Speaking-Agency
    Garde-Active et Baby-Speaking : deux concepts signés Speaking-Agency
    1627 Vues J'aime

    Le 12/10/2020. Le Baby-Speaking est un service de babysitter à domicile en anglais et dans d’autres langues étrangères (espagnol, allemand, russe). L’agence est leader sur le marché avec des intervenants natifs ou bilingues.

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  • London travel icons / C1
    London travel icons / C1
    1555 Vues J'aime

    Le 7/10/2020. What would you say if somebody asked you to name some of London’s icons? Would it maybe be buildings like the Houses of Parliament or St Paul’s Cathedral that came to mind, or structures such as the London Eye or Big Ben?

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  • History comes alive / A2
    History comes alive / A2
    1656 Vues J'aime

    Le 30/09/2020. Everyone knows that it’s easier to learn something when you’re interested in it. But do you ever find yourself wondering if history teachers know that fact too? Unfortunately, history lessons can be as engaging as watching paint dry if a teacher doesn’t know how to make the facts come alive.

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  • Idiomatic expressions with the word 'school' / A2-B1
    Idiomatic expressions with the word 'school' / A2-B1
    1822 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/09/2020. Maybe it's time to go back to school - so that you can learn some idiomatic expressions that contain the word.

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  • Clinical Somatics – could it be the answer to your chronic pain? / B2-C1
    Clinical Somatics – could it be the answer to your chronic pain? / B2-C1
    1530 Vues J'aime

    Le 15/09/2020. Do you have back pain, a painful knee or a frozen shoulder that won’t heal? Your doctor has probably sent you for x-rays, an ultrasound or an MRI, but there’s nothing to see. Where is your pain coming from and, more importantly, how can you stop it?

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  • Now’s the time to visit London’s Museums / B2-C1
    Now’s the time to visit London’s Museums / B2-C1
    1831 Vues J'aime

    Le 10/08/2020. Culture doesn’t cost anything in the UK. Did you know that since 2001, all state museums are free? Whether you are an art or science fan, there is a free museum in London for you!

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  • Why are female-led countries faring better with COVID-19? / B2-C1
    Why are female-led countries faring better with COVID-19? / B2-C1
    1617 Vues J'aime

    21/07/2020. Although many feel that it’s a matter of opinion, statistics show that countries with female leaders have fewer cases of contamination and deaths due to COVID-19. Why?

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  • Fun Facts about Texas / B2-C1
    Fun Facts about Texas / B2-C1
    2284 Vues J'aime

    13/07/2020. When you hear the word ‘Texas’, you probably think of ‘Dallas’ or cowboys rounding up a herd of cattle. While you wouldn’t be wrong, Texas has so much more to offer than JR Ewing and stereotypes. Let’s look at some fun facts about Texas, the second-largest state in the USA.

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  • Adrenalin junkies – What makes them tick? / B2-C1
    Adrenalin junkies – What makes them tick? / B2-C1
    1903 Vues J'aime

    Le 22/06/2020. Thrill-seekers, risk-takers, adrenalin junkies – what do these words mean? These are words we use to describe people who love extreme sports. You probably think that people who enjoy base jumping, sky-diving, white-water rafting and other dangerous sports are crazy, but research shows that the opposite is true.

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  • The best year for music / B1
    The best year for music / B1
    2226 Vues J'aime

    Le 01/05/2020. A UK radio station called Radio X conducted a survey which revealed 1991 to be the best year for music, according to its listeners. Why 1991? Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, UB40, Roxette and R.E.M. are the answer to that question!

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  • What is going on with the United States Postal Service (USPS) ? C1-C2
    What is going on with the United States Postal Service (USPS) ? C1-C2
    2067 Vues J'aime

    The USPS has exclusive access to public letter boxes marked ‘US Mail’, as well as personal letterboxes in the United States. It now has to compete against private package delivery services, such as United Parcel Service, FedEx, and Amazon.

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  • Jamaica's influence on the English-speaking world / B1
    Jamaica's influence on the English-speaking world / B1
    2251 Vues J'aime

    Le 14/04/2020. Jamaica, an Anglophone island in the Caribbean Sea, has contributed a vibrant culture of language, music and food to the rest of the English-speaking world.

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  • Belize, an English-speaking paradise / C1
    Belize, an English-speaking paradise / C1
    2550 Vues J'aime

    Le 14/04/2020. Surrounded by the verdant Central American jungle on one side and the deep-blue Caribbean Sea on the other, Belize is the place to go if you’re looking for an affordable holiday in a paradise packed full of adventure and culture.

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  • Témoignage d’une formatrice d’anglais
    Témoignage d’une formatrice d’anglais
    2577 Vues J'aime

    Le 07/04/2020. J’utilise les magazines de la gamme Go English dans le cadre de mes cours depuis plus d’un an et je dois avouer que je suis séduite par le concept et les contenus proposés.

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  • Boris Johnson will “get it done” … again / B1-V2
    Boris Johnson will “get it done” … again / B1-V2
    2173 Vues J'aime

    Up until very recently, Boris Johnson has not shown great leadership in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, just a few days ago, his ‘strategy’ was to allow the virus to spread in order for Britons to build up immunity – a strategy the government admitted was a complete failure.

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  • Megxit / C1-C2
    Megxit / C1-C2
    2444 Vues J'aime

    For several years, all Brits could talk about was Brexit. Now that it’s finally done, the next exit is that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from royal life. This has been named ‘Megxit’. Here’s what happened.

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  • How to write a professionnel Email / A1-B1
    How to write a professionnel Email / A1-B1
    3672 Vues J'aime

    How many emails do you send and receive each day? Probably a lot! Email is probably the most common way of communicating. Let's look at some useful expressions for sending professional emails.

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  • New Year's Greetings
    New Year's Greetings
    1904 Vues J'aime

    You may spend New Year's Eve in an English-speaking country, and want to greet someone for the new year. Here are some phrases to help you.

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  • Chicken soup – a real cure
    Chicken soup – a real cure
    2634 Vues J'aime

    There are many studies that have demonstrated that chicken soup helps people who have a cold. No one can say exactly why this is true, but there are many ideas. Here's the recipe!

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  • Christmas Pantomimes – the most British Christmas tradition
    Christmas Pantomimes – the most British Christmas tradition
    2554 Vues J'aime

    When you think of Christmas in the UK, you probably think of mince pies, plum pudding, Christmas crackers with corny jokes and Christmas Carol singalongs. One Christmas tradition that is oh-so-British is the Christmas pantomime – a genre of theatre different from any other!

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  • Another election in the UK / B2-C1
    Another election in the UK / B2-C1
    1769 Vues J'aime

    Guess what? There is a general election scheduled for December 12th. As of now, the Tory Party is ahead in the polls, but the Labour Party has been slowly catching up.

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  • Thanksgiving
    1813 Vues J'aime

    This week, across the United States, families are traveling or preparing for the most American holiday of the year: Thanksgiving, which falls on the 4th Thursday of November each year. Many people are looking for their family’s favorite recipes, buying ingredients and beginning to cook the meal that represents the ideal Thanksgiving.

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  • Remember, remember the fifth of November…
    Remember, remember the fifth of November…
    2386 Vues J'aime

    In 1605, Guy Fawkes and his friends wanted to blow up important buildings in London where the king and the leaders were meeting so that someone else would rule England. This was called the Gunpowder Plot.

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  • California is in Flames, Santa Ana Winds to Blame
    California is in Flames, Santa Ana Winds to Blame
    1575 Vues J'aime

    The governor declared a statewide emergency as tens of thousands of acres burned and more than 180,000 people in Northern California were evacuated with many more evacuations and destruction of property expected

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  • Guess what? Brexit is still undecided…
    Guess what? Brexit is still undecided…
    1609 Vues J'aime

    In case you thought we had heard the last of Brexit, I’m sorry to bring bad news. The original deadline, 31 October (which was already an extension requested by Theresa May to the March deadline), appears to be headed for another extension.

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  • The great milk debate – before or after the tea?
    The great milk debate – before or after the tea?
    1891 Vues J'aime

    There is nothing more British than a cup of tea (or a ‘cuppa’, as it is sometimes called). Many Brits take their tea with milk. The milk helps balance the tannins in the tea and makes it more mellow. I’ve always had one question: does one put the milk in the teacup before or after the tea?

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  • Impeachment: what it is and is not… / B2-C1
    Impeachment: what it is and is not… / B2-C1
    1850 Vues J'aime

    President of the United States (POTUS) Donald Trump is the subject of an impeachment inquiry. Many people think that the word ‘impeach’ means ‘to remove from office’, as you can see in the photos of protesters with signs. This is not correct. It can lead to removal from office, but the impeachment in itself is not the reason.

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  • A trip to Swansea, Wales, part 2
    A trip to Swansea, Wales, part 2
    2261 Vues J'aime

    As I said in the last post, we never visited Joe’s Ice Cream. But what we did eat was something we had never heard of – Welsh cakes. Imagine a scone, but it’s not dry and crumbly, it’s soft and moist with raisins dotted through. It was delightful.

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  • A trip to Swansea, Wales
    A trip to Swansea, Wales
    2316 Vues J'aime

    Last fall, while on a trip to a conference in Bristol, England, my husband and I decided to take a trip to Swansea, Wales. It is easily accessible by train and almost everything is within walking distance of the train station.

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  • Southern cornbread
    Southern cornbread
    2513 Vues J'aime

    When the weather starts to cool off and mornings become a bit cold, you can feel that autumn is just around the corner. That’s when Americans say, “This is good chili weather!” There are many things that can accompany chili, but in the South, cornbread is king.

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  • A guide to British Politics
    A guide to British Politics
    1962 Vues J'aime

    There are many major political parties in the UK. The words ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ correspond with the French political system. Here are the seven largest parties and the ‘Brexit Party’ which is not officially recognised, as it was formed solely in reaction to Brexit.

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  • Fried Green Tomatoes
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    2695 Vues J'aime

    In the Southern US, tomatoes are a summer staple. At the end of summer, there are still a lot of them in our gardens! We also use the green tomatoes – pickled green tomatoes are excellent. Here’s one other dish from the Southern US that uses green tomatoes.

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  • Nanaimo Bar
    Nanaimo Bar
    2470 Vues J'aime

    In the early 1950s, a Canadian housewife named Mabel Jenkins submitted a recipe for a cookie bar to a local cookbook She called it the ‘Nanaimo Bar’ for the town where she lived. The cookie bar recipe became very popular

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  • Treasures from trash – sea glass
    Treasures from trash – sea glass
    1649 Vues J'aime

    There is a very popular activity for Americans who go to the beach and it’s not collecting seashells! It’s collecting sea glass. Almost every coastline in the world has beaches with sea glass, making the hobby very easy and cheap – you only need a bag and time (and sunscreen!).

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  • Summer ‘mocktails’
    Summer ‘mocktails’
    2043 Vues J'aime

    It’s the first heat wave of the summer. Remember to drink a lot of liquid. Here are two cocktails with no alcohol that taste great and will keep you hydrated!

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  • Trooping the Colour
    Trooping the Colour
    2816 Vues J'aime

    Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays. One is in April (the 21st), on her actual birthday; the other is in June at Trooping the Colour parade (also called The Queen’s Birthday Parade). Why does she have two birthday celebrations?

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  • May to step down in June
    May to step down in June
    1631 Vues J'aime

    In the latest Brexit news, Prime Minister Theresa May (a conservative who wanted Britain to remain in the EU) announced on May 24 that she would be resigning, effective June 7th. She will remain as a lame duck until a replacement PM can be found, hopefully by the end of July.

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  • America Loses one of its Favorite Sweethearts
    America Loses one of its Favorite Sweethearts
    1809 Vues J'aime

    On May 13th, Doris Day, an American actress, singer and animal activist died at the age of 97. She started as a big-band singer but is known more for her film career. She was included in the list of the 25 most popular stars in the US from 1950-1968, and in the top five of that list for four years.

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  • Apple Cake
    Apple Cake
    2335 Vues J'aime

    Here is a simple recipe for an apple cake. Try it with ice cream! Note that in English, ‘Tablespoon’ always has a capital T and ‘teaspoon’ has a small t. This is because sometimes we don’t write the entire word – we may simply put ‘T’ or ‘t’.

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  • « 75% des élèves de 3ème ont du mal à se faire comprendre »
    « 75% des élèves de 3ème ont du mal à se faire comprendre »
    2170 Vues J'aime

    Cet article détaille les recommandations du CNESCO pour améliorer le niveau en langue des français et... la gamme Go English répond parfaitement à ces recommandations depuis plus de 10 ans !

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  • Rolling Stones Tour Postponed
    Rolling Stones Tour Postponed
    2102 Vues J'aime

    Legendary rock band the Rolling Stones (formed in 1962!) have postponed their US tour. The ‘No Filter’ tour was to begin in Miami on April 20th and end in New York City on June 17th. The 17 concerts now need to be rebooked. Why all the fuss? The 75-year-old lead singer of the group, Mick Jagger, needed heart surgery.

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  • Brexit: what we know so far
    Brexit: what we know so far
    1817 Vues J'aime

    On June 24th, 2016, the results of a UK referendum were announced. By a very small margin, people voted in favour of leaving the EU. No one ever expected that almost three years later, they would be still trying to negotiate a deal.

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  • English Trifle
    English Trifle
    3159 Vues J'aime

    The trifle is a British dessert made from custard, fruit, sponge cake, jam and whipped cream. The ingredients are arranged in layers and served in glass bowls.This famous dessert evolved into the delicious layered dessert we know today.

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  • Captain Marvel and International Women’s Day
    Captain Marvel and International Women’s Day
    1911 Vues J'aime

    Americans love superheroes. They love movies about them, TV shows about them, comic books about them, etc. There were nine films about superheroes in 2018 alone! From 2019-2022, there are over 40 superhero films scheduled. Why?

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  • Michael Jackson, 10 years later
    Michael Jackson, 10 years later
    2002 Vues J'aime

    Michael Jackson was an indisputable musical genius and artist who led a troubled life. He traveled with his family while they were on tour and was put on stage to lead The Jackson Five when he was just five years old. For a moment, can you put yourself in his 5-year-old-child shoes and imagine the things he saw and heard?

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  • Did you watch the Oscars?
    Did you watch the Oscars?
    2081 Vues J'aime

    Sunday night was the 91st Academy Awards. Did you follow along with the list from this blog three weeks ago? There were a few surprises. This was the first Academy Awards ceremony that did not have a host!

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  • Winter Wassail
    Winter Wassail
    2342 Vues J'aime

    ‘Wassail’ is a hot, spiced punch. It is traditionally served at Christmas, but you can drink it all winter. There are many recipes and variations. Generally, it is a mixture of fruit juices and spices, such as cinnamon. The mixture is heated and served warm.

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  • The end of Awards Season!
    The end of Awards Season!
    1804 Vues J'aime

    The beginning of February is also the end of the American awards season. The season starts in November with the People’s Choice Awards and ends with the most prestigious awards ceremony– The Academy Awards – also called ‘The Oscars’.

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  • Do it yourself (DIY)
    Do it yourself (DIY)
    3066 Vues J'aime

    Everyone in America and the UK likes to think about doing home improvement jobs themselves. Why not? You can save money and take pride in knowing that you performed a task that many people could (or would) not!

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  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!
    1985 Vues J'aime

    In the US, we say ‘Happy New Year!’ on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day. After that, you may (or may not) say it to other people you see, but there is no fixed rule that you must say it to everyone you see for the first time before the end of January.

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  • Recipe for hot, apple cider
    Recipe for hot, apple cider
    2393 Vues J'aime

    There is almost nothing better than a mug of hot apple cider when it’s cold outside. This recipe will warm you from the inside. An extra bonus: your house will smell wonderful!

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  • Black Friday
    Black Friday
    2500 Vues J'aime

    The earliest use of ‘Black Friday’ to mean the shopping on the day after Thanksgiving was in 1975 in the New York Times. It was used as a negative term to describe the heavy traffic and shopping crowds on the day after Thanksgiving.

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  • Stan Lee - December 28th, 1922-November 12th, 2018 (age 95)
    Stan Lee - December 28th, 1922-November 12th, 2018 (age 95)
    2313 Vues J'aime

    Beloved comic book creator Stan Lee has died. He was 95. He saw his creations become a giant influence in the movie business. He started as an office assistant at Timely Comics in 1939.

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  • What actually happened at the mid-term elections?
    What actually happened at the mid-term elections?
    1882 Vues J'aime

    The mid-term election is held at the halfway mark of a president’s ter. Both the Democrats (the more liberal, left-wing side) and Republicans (the more conservative, right-wing side) had hopes and expectations for the results of the November 6th mid-term election.

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  • New England Clam Chowder
    New England Clam Chowder
    2358 Vues J'aime

    Chowder is a thick soup whose name originated from the French word 'chaudière'. There are many different types of chowders, such as corn, potato or fish, but the best-known variety is made with clams. Here's the recipe!

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  • Happy Halloween!
    Happy Halloween!
    2318 Vues J'aime

    Halloween is traditional time to eat candy – lots of candy! I don’t know if the ‘Candy Crush’ game developer King decided to launch their newest game ‘Candy Crush Friends Saga’ the week preceding Halloween, but kudos if they did!

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  • It’s fall, and that means pumpkin spice
    It’s fall, and that means pumpkin spice
    2629 Vues J'aime

    Fast forward to the late 1990s, when Starbucks introduced a new seasonal coffee drink for autumn, the pumpkin spice latte. This was also an instant success! Here is a list of pumpkin spice products that are on or have been on the market.

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  • Revolutions and the Americans and French – not as different as you might think!
    Revolutions and the Americans and French – not as different as you might think!
    2372 Vues J'aime

    Both countries are very cautious about guarding their rights from being taken by their respective governments.

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  • Paul McCartney died in 1966!
    Paul McCartney died in 1966!
    4308 Vues J'aime

    There is a rumor that Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in 1967 and replaced by a lookalike. Fans have listed over a hundred ‘clues’ over the years to support this idea. Here are some of the more interesting – and convincing – theories.

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  • Burt Reynolds – American legend
    Burt Reynolds – American legend
    2571 Vues J'aime

    On September 6th, America lost an icon. You may know him from the 1997 film Boogie Nights. To Americans, especially in the South, Burt Reynolds was famous for much more.

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  • Oxford
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    The British cities of Oxford and Cambridge are famous for their universities, both rankingamong the best in the world. Students from all over the United Kingdom and all over the world dream to study there, or at least to visit these places some day.

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  • Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela
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    Since 2009, Mandela Day is celebrated all around the world on July 18th, on the anniversary date of Nelson Mandela’s birth. The year 2018 marks the centenary of his birth, and celebrations will take place all year long, commemorating Madiba’s heritage.

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  • A historical tour through Belfast
    A historical tour through Belfast
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    The whole island of Ireland is a wonderful place to visit: you can discover beautiful towns and breath-taking landscapes all around the country. But it is also possible to learn about the rich history of both countries while travelling around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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  • The Pacific Crest Trail
    The Pacific Crest Trail
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    Each year, hundreds of hiking fans and wilderness lovers embark on an incredible adventure: the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This long-distance hike is located on the West American Coast and goes through three states: California, Oregon and Washington.

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  • The Epsom Derby
    The Epsom Derby
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    Do you know the Royal Ascot? The most important racing event of the year in the United Kingdom. Today, let’s find out about another major racing weekend: the Epsom Derby.

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  • Test blog GE
    Test blog GE
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