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  • Nanaimo Bar
    Nanaimo Bar
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    In the early 1950s, a Canadian housewife named Mabel Jenkins submitted a recipe for a cookie bar to a local cookbook She called it the ‘Nanaimo Bar’ for the town where she lived. The cookie bar recipe became very popular

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  • Treasures from trash – sea glass
    Treasures from trash – sea glass
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    There is a very popular activity for Americans who go to the beach and it’s not collecting seashells! It’s collecting sea glass. Almost every coastline in the world has beaches with sea glass, making the hobby very easy and cheap – you only need a bag and time (and sunscreen!).

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  • UK Music festivals in July and August
    UK Music festivals in July and August
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    UK festival season starts in June. Approximately 4 million Brits will pack up a tent and attend a festival somewhere in the UK, but don’t worry, the season still has many festivals on option, some starting this weekend!

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  • Summer ‘mocktails’
    Summer ‘mocktails’
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    It’s the first heat wave of the summer. Remember to drink a lot of liquid. Here are two cocktails with no alcohol that taste great and will keep you hydrated!

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  • Trooping the Colour
    Trooping the Colour
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    Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays. One is in April (the 21st), on her actual birthday; the other is in June at Trooping the Colour parade (also called The Queen’s Birthday Parade). Why does she have two birthday celebrations?

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