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  • Hello May! (A2-B1)
    Hello May! (A2-B1)
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    Le 10/05/2022. May is a lovely month – it’s spring in the northern hemisphere with flowers and warmer weather. In the southern hemisphere, it’s autumn and a cool respite from the hot southern summers. But all over the world, May is a month that celebrates important historical events and some amazing facts. 

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  • Belfast (A2)
    Belfast (A2)
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    Le 13/04/2022. The 24th Oscar Awards were held on March 27th.  It was a happy day for Sir Kenneth Branagh. Why? Branagh was nominated eight times over the years, but he never won. And this year, he did! His film called "Belfast" won the category of best original screenplay. 

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  • A simple, but rich life (B1-B2)
    A simple, but rich life (B1-B2)
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    Le 13/04/2022. The Maasai are a tribe of people in Tanzania. They live off their cattle. And they are nomadic because they must often move to greener pastures so their cattle can eat. This means that they don’t have a lot of possessions. Even their houses are temporary!

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  • A skiing lesson (A1)
    A skiing lesson (A1)
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    Le 17/02/2022. Meet Ella, who is English. She is having her first skiing lesson with Peter, her instructor. Let's see what they say.

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  • Jane Campion (A2-B1)
    Jane Campion (A2-B1)
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    Le 11/02/2022. Jane Campion is a contemporary film director, screenwriter and producer from New Zealand. What is she known for? She was the second woman in history nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director. But that’s not all – she was also the first woman to receive the Palme d’Or for "The Piano" in 1993.

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