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  • A princess’s right to privacy
    A princess’s right to privacy
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    A princess’s right to privacy Niveau B1-B2 Photo de couverture :© B. Lenoir /   A cancer diagnosis is distressing. Fortunately, most of us in that situation don’t have to make a video to talk about it to millions of strangers. Unfortunately for the Princess of Wales, she had to. ©Shaun Jeffers/ © Pete Hancock Even though Prince William and Princess Catherine asked for...

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  • 51 years later – guilty or not? (niveaux A2-B1)
    51 years later – guilty or not? (niveaux A2-B1)
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    Patrick McVeigh, 44, was killed in south Belfast on 13th May 1972. Why? He was a victim of the Northern Ireland Troubles. Who killed him? A British soldier whose identity is secret.  Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service calls him Soldier F.

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  • The world says goodbye to Shane MacGowan
    The world says goodbye to Shane MacGowan
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    Thousands lined the streets of Dublin to pay their last respects to singer-songwriter, Shane MacGowan on December 8th, 2023. The London-Irish punk who transformed Irish traditional music with The Pogues died on November 30th from pneumonia at 65 after contracting viral encephalitis. 

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  • Surf therapy. Is that a thing?
    Surf therapy. Is that a thing?
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    You bet it is! Research shows that surfing as a therapeutic program is a practical and effective way to deal with mental health issues for children and adolescents. In fact, it works on adults too.

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  • Day of the Dead
    Day of the Dead
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    Autumn isn’t only for Halloween and Thanksgiving! There’s another holiday you may not know about – Día de Los Muertos which means the Day of the Dead in English. Ooh, spooky! 

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