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  • What's your hobby? (A1)
    What's your hobby? (A1)
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    Le 10/02/2021. Painting? Reading? Acting? Cooking? What among these is your hobby?

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  • Teatime! (B1-B2)
    Teatime! (B1-B2)
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    Le 28/01/2021. In the mid-1700s, China had a monopoly on the international tea trade. The Chinese honed their expertise over centuries, creating delicious brews. So delicious, in fact, that Britain decided to make it their own!

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  • Board games from all over the world / B2
    Board games from all over the world / B2
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    Le 31/12/2020. Board games are more than just fun – they create an opportunity for families and friends to build and strengthen relationships. In a society where people spend a lot of time on their telephones and computers, board games bring people together worldwide.

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  • The months of the year / A2
    The months of the year / A2
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    Le 11/12/2020. The English names for the twelve months of the year all date from the Roman era.

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  • Messages for Christmas cards / A2-B1
    Messages for Christmas cards / A2-B1
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    Le 10/12/2020. Sometimes it's difficult to think of messages for Christmas cards, especially when you send a lot of them. Should your message be religious or neutral, formal or informal, funny or serious? Luckily, you can choose!

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