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  • The months of the year / A2
    The months of the year / A2
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    Le 11/12/2020. The English names for the twelve months of the year all date from the Roman era.

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  • Messages for Christmas cards / A2-B1
    Messages for Christmas cards / A2-B1
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    Le 10/12/2020. Sometimes it's difficult to think of messages for Christmas cards, especially when you send a lot of them. Should your message be religious or neutral, formal or informal, funny or serious? Luckily, you can choose!

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  • What is your dream present for next Christmas? / A1-A2
    What is your dream present for next Christmas? / A1-A2
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    Le 10/12/2020 "I love to travel and I can’t think of a better present than the gift of adventure. A Christmas dream would be a trip to Shanghai to visit the city, but also to go to Disneyland." And you? What is your dream present?

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  • Christmas in the UK / B2
    Christmas in the UK / B2
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    Le 10/12/2020. Merry Christmas! Have you ever wondered how people in different countries celebrate Christmas? The British have different traditions from the French. Let’s find out about some of them.

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  • Black Friday / B1-B2
    Black Friday / B1-B2
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    Le 20/11/2020. Yay, it’s Friday! Fridays signal the end of the work week, and two days of freedom for most people. But, one Friday in every year celebrates a special event called Black Friday. When is Black Friday and what is it?

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