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  • New Year's Greetings
    New Year's Greetings
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    You may spend New Year's Eve in an English-speaking country, and want to greet someone for the new year. Here are some phrases to help you.

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  • It’s winter, and that means cold and flu season
    It’s winter, and that means cold and flu season
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    In winter, people stay indoors. This means that germs are passed around. These germs can cause illnesses as mild as a cold or as severe as the flu. How can we avoid getting sick?

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  • Christmas Pantomimes – the most British Christmas tradition
    Christmas Pantomimes – the most British Christmas tradition
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    When you think of Christmas in the UK, you probably think of mince pies, plum pudding, Christmas crackers with corny jokes and Christmas Carol singalongs. One Christmas tradition that is oh-so-British is the Christmas pantomime – a genre of theatre different from any other!

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  • Christmas in small-town America
    Christmas in small-town America
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    Now that Thanksgiving has passed, everyone decorates for Christmas – if they haven’t already done so. Americans love to decorate the exteriors of their homes. In many small towns, the streets and public parks are transformed into fairy-like light displays.

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  • Thanksgiving
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    This week, across the United States, families are traveling or preparing for the most American holiday of the year: Thanksgiving, which falls on the 4th Thursday of November each year. Many people are looking for their family’s favorite recipes, buying ingredients and beginning to cook the meal that represents the ideal Thanksgiving.

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