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  • About the late Philip
    About the late Philip
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    Le 15/04/2021. Toute l’équipe des éditions Entrefilet est attristée par le décès du Prince Philip et a souhaité lui rendre hommage par la voix de la rédactrice en chef des magazines Go English et English Now, Valérie H.

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  • Jacinda Ardern vs COVID-19 (C1)
    Jacinda Ardern vs COVID-19 (C1)
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    Le 12/04/2021. The World Health Organisation has praised New Zealand’s plan of action in dealing with COVID-19, and holds up the country as an example to the rest of the world. But what is Jacinda Ardern’s strategy behind New Zealand’s COVID-19 success, and is it sustainable?

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  • March 8 – International Women’s Day (B2)
    March 8 – International Women’s Day (B2)
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    Le 25/03/2021. A day dedicated to women all over the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) exists because according to the World Economic Forum, no adult alive today will live long enough to witness gender equality. In fact, neither will most of our children. All the more reason to keep fighting for it and to continue celebrating women all over the world!

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  • Amanda Gorman (B2)
    Amanda Gorman (B2)
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    Le 11/02/2021. If you didn’t know who Amanda Gorman was before President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021, you probably do now. It would be difficult to not notice this dynamic and driven young activist who is also the youngest poet in history to recite at a presidential inauguration.

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  • The Brexit Deal (B1)
    The Brexit Deal (B1)
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    Le 11/01/2021. It’s January 2021, and Brexit is now a reality. The agreement between the UK and Europe took effect from December 31st at 11pm. It deals with new rules for living, working and trading, but while the whole agreement is more than 1,200 pages, here are some of the essentials.

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