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  • The rights of nature (B2-C1)
    The rights of nature (B2-C1)
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    Le 15/11/2021. The United Nations, commenting on human rights and the environment, has stated, “From New Zealand to Colombia, the powerful idea that nature has rights is taking root in legal systems".

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  • Greta Thunberg on COP26 (B2)
    Greta Thunberg on COP26 (B2)
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    Le 12/11/2021. “This is no longer a climate conference. This is now a global greenwashing* festival.” These are the words from 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg concerning COP26. But what is greenwashing? It’s the process of giving the false impression about how a company is environmentally friendly. But why? The aim is to win the loyalty of people by making promises that are never delivered.

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  • Fairy Creek protests (A2)
    Fairy Creek protests (A2)
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    Le 12/11/2021. In August 2020 protesters started protesting logging near Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The dispute concerns a debate on logging Canada's ancient forests.

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  • Shorter work weeks (B2-C1)
    Shorter work weeks (B2-C1)
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    Le 31/08/2021. While the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives irrevocably, and in often unwanted ways, a surprisingly positive trend may have come out of it – the four-day work week. 

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  • #FreeBritney (B2-C1)
    #FreeBritney (B2-C1)
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    Le 08/07/2021. What’s the #FreeBritney hashtag about? Has Britney Spears been kidnapped? No, the reality is a little less dramatic, but worrying nonetheless! The star’s fans created the campaign to show their support in her efforts to regain autonomy over her finances, private life and right to live freely.

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