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  • Recipe: Sweet potato crab cakes (A2)
    Recipe: Sweet potato crab cakes (A2)
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    Le 16/02/2023. À la recherche d'une recette saine à base de crabe ? Découvrez celle du beignet de crabe à la patate douce ! Délicieuse, et facile à faire, elle sera idéale pour un apéro ou un dîner.

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  • Recipe: Raspberry and oat slice (A2)
    Recipe: Raspberry and oat slice (A2)
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    Le 5/10/2022. Have you ever heard of The Hebridean Baker? His name is Coinneach MacLeod and he’s a TikTok sensation, sharing great recipes from the Isle of Lewis with a lovely Scottish accent. Here’s one of his recipes!

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  • Recipe: Cobb salad (A2)
    Recipe: Cobb salad (A2)
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    Le 02/08/2022. When I was living in California for one summer, my favourite meal was a Cobb salad with homemade dressing. Why? It was crisp, fresh, delicious and filling!

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  • Cooking Measurements (A1-A2)
    Cooking Measurements (A1-A2)
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    Le 15/06/2021. Recipes in English-speaking countries use weight, volume or numbers. All countries use volume for liquids, but in the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia, people also use it for dry ingredients, such as sugar and flour.

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  • Chicken soup – a real cure
    Chicken soup – a real cure
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    There are many studies that have demonstrated that chicken soup helps people who have a cold. No one can say exactly why this is true, but there are many ideas. Here's the recipe!

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