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  • A princess’s right to privacy
    A princess’s right to privacy
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    A princess’s right to privacy Niveau B1-B2 Photo de couverture : ©Muhammad Aamir Sumsum    A cancer diagnosis is distressing. Fortunately, most of us in that situation don’t have to make a video to talk about it to millions of strangers. Unfortunately for the Princess of Wales, she had to. ©Shaun Jeffers/ © Pete Hancock Even though Prince William and Princess Catherine asked for privacy...

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  • Hollywood Walk of Shame. (B1/B2)
    Hollywood Walk of Shame. (B1/B2)
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    Bill Cosby, Alfred Hitchcock, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and Donald Trump – what do they have in common? 10/07/2023

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  • Beware the crow! (A2)
    Beware the crow! (A2)
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    Crows are very intelligent birds. But they are also animals who act on instinct. Combine their intelligence and their instinct and you may have a problem. What type of problem? Crow attacks! 07/07/2024

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  • Sean Connery dies at 90 / B2-C1
    Sean Connery dies at 90 / B2-C1
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    Le 12/11/2020. Many people think of James Bond when they hear the name Sean Connery, but Connery was more than a mere character in a film. He was a man who came from humble beginnings, a man with talent and an astute businessman.

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  • Burt Reynolds – American legend
    Burt Reynolds – American legend
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    On September 6th, America lost an icon. You may know him from the 1997 film Boogie Nights. To Americans, especially in the South, Burt Reynolds was famous for much more.

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