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  • A typical secondary school day in the UK (A1-A2)
    A typical secondary school day in the UK (A1-A2)
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    Le 31/08/2021. Some general facts: the law in Britain says that all children must have an education from age four to 16. They can go to a state school (free) or an independent school (parents must pay), or have their education at home.

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  • A catchy tune (A2-B1)
    A catchy tune (A2-B1)
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    Le 30/08/2021. Imagine life without music? Boring! Music influences your moods, inspires you, turns a simple gathering into a party, and makes you want to dance. But do you know how to talk about music in English? 

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  • Garde Mômji Bilingue et Garde Mômji Créative : deux concepts signés Mômji
    Garde Mômji Bilingue et Garde Mômji Créative : deux concepts signés Mômji
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    La garde Mômji Bilingue est un service de nounou à domicile en anglais et dans d’autres langues étrangères (espagnol, allemand, russe). Vous pouvez choisir une formule 100% bilingue, dite en immersion, ou une formule avec un temps d’activité et de jeux dans la langue choisie, dite en initiation. 

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  • Open questions (A1-A2)
    Open questions (A1-A2)
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    Le 26/07/2021. Afin de pouvoir converser en anglais, l'utilisation des questions est essentielle car celles-ci nous permettent de nous questionner, mais surtout de questionner les autres.

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  • Robin Hood (B1)
    Robin Hood (B1)
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    Le 05/07/2021. Everyone knows the story of Robin Hood – a man who stole from the rich to give to the poor. There are many different versions of Robin Hood adapted to film, television and literature. Which one is your favourite?

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