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  • The Prince of Wales (B1)
    The Prince of Wales (B1)
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    Le 12/04/2021. Have you ever wondered why Prince Charles holds the title of Prince of Wales, and not Prince of England? There’s an interesting story behind this peculiarity which has more to do with Wales’ deference to England than with the power of Wales itself.

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  • Saint Patrick’s Day (A2-B1)
    Saint Patrick’s Day (A2-B1)
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    Le 11/03/2021. Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th is a day for huge celebrations worldwide. Did you know that it is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival? So, how does the world celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

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  • What's your hobby? (A1)
    What's your hobby? (A1)
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    Le 10/02/2021. Painting? Reading? Acting? Cooking? What among these is your hobby?

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  • Teatime! / B1-B2
    Teatime! / B1-B2
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    Le 28/01/2021. In the mid-1700s, China had a monopoly on the international tea trade. The Chinese honed their expertise over centuries, creating delicious brews. So delicious, in fact, that Britain decided to make it their own!

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  • Board games from all over the world / B2
    Board games from all over the world / B2
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    Le 31/12/2020. Board games are more than just fun – they create an opportunity for families and friends to build and strengthen relationships. In a society where people spend a lot of time on their telephones and computers, board games bring people together worldwide.

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