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  • London travel icons / C1
    London travel icons / C1
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    Le 7/10/2020. What would you say if somebody asked you to name some of London’s icons? Would it maybe be buildings like the Houses of Parliament or St Paul’s Cathedral that came to mind, or structures such as the London Eye or Big Ben?

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  • History comes alive / A2
    History comes alive / A2
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    Le 30/09/2020. Everyone knows that it’s easier to learn something when you’re interested in it. But do you ever find yourself wondering if history teachers know that fact too? Unfortunately, history lessons can be as engaging as watching paint dry if a teacher doesn’t know how to make the facts come alive.

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  • Idiomatic expressions with the word 'school' / A2-B1
    Idiomatic expressions with the word 'school' / A2-B1
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    Le 15/09/2020. Maybe it's time to go back to school - so that you can learn some idiomatic expressions that contain the word.

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  • Now’s the time to visit London’s Museums / B2-C1
    Now’s the time to visit London’s Museums / B2-C1
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    Le 10/08/2020. Culture doesn’t cost anything in the UK. Did you know that since 2001, all state museums are free? Whether you are an art or science fan, there is a free museum in London for you!

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  • Fun Facts about Texas / B2-C1
    Fun Facts about Texas / B2-C1
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    13/07/2020. When you hear the word ‘Texas’, you probably think of ‘Dallas’ or cowboys rounding up a herd of cattle. While you wouldn’t be wrong, Texas has so much more to offer than JR Ewing and stereotypes. Let’s look at some fun facts about Texas, the second-largest state in the USA.

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