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  • Will Boeing keep their promise?
    Will Boeing keep their promise?
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    In January, an emergency exit door blew off a Boeing 737 Max airplane just after take-off. Luckily, passengers had their seatbelts on and the plane wasn’t very high. What if the passengers weren’t wearing their seatbelts and the plane was at high altitude? A lot of people would have died.

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  • ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ (niveaux A2/B1)
    ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ (niveaux A2/B1)
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    ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ is a very popular miniseries on British TV. Is the story entertaining? Yes, it is, but the British public don’t love the series because the story is interesting – they love it because it’s true!

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  • Super Tuesday! (niveaux B1/B2)
    Super Tuesday! (niveaux B1/B2)
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    Tuesday, March 5th was Super Tuesday in the US. What’s Super Tuesday? It’s the day when US citizens in 16 states and one territory cast their ballots in the 2024 presidential primaries.

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  • King Charles III unwell but transparent (niveaux B1-B2)
    King Charles III unwell but transparent (niveaux B1-B2)
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    Earlier this month, King Charles III went into hospital for a medical procedure. What was meant to be routine quickly took a turn for the worse. The King was diagnosed with cancer of a type that hasn’t yet been shared with the public.

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  • Élections américaines | Édition spéciale
    Élections américaines | Édition spéciale
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    L'équipe éditoriale des magazines Go English s'est plongée dans nos archives et vous propose une sélection d'articles de différents niveaux sur une même thématique : les élections américaines.  Vous allez être incollable sur le sujet !

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