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  • Music releases: Pink & Gorillaz (A2-B1)
    Music releases: Pink & Gorillaz (A2-B1)
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    Le 16/02/2023. American singer Pink is releasing her ninth album on February 17th 2023, "Trustfall", which she has described as ‘the best album I ever made’. And Gorillaz, an English virtual band, is also releasing a new album on February 24th 2023.

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  • Wednesday is a winner! (A2-B1)
    Wednesday is a winner! (A2-B1)
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    Le 18/01/2023. When someone asks you, “Do you like Wednesday?”, they are: asking you for your opinion on a day of the week? Asking you if you like a Netflix series by Tim Burton? 

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  • We love verse novels (B2)
    We love verse novels (B2)
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    Le 17/01/2023. Does poetry remind you of boring language lessons in a dark classroom on a gloomy day? If it does, you probably won’t believe me when I say that you might not like poetry, but you’ll love verse novels. 

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  • Happy New Year in Sydney! (A2)
    Happy New Year in Sydney! (A2)
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    Le 16/12/2022. New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia is a grand event. More than a million people travel into the city to celebrate. Most of the official celebrations are by the bay. So, the city organises vantage points and an events programme. 

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  • Australian football team and human rights in Qatar (B2)
    Australian football team and human rights in Qatar (B2)
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    Le 15/11/2022. In November 2022, Qatar will be the first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup. While this is positive, unfortunately, the country does not have a good track record in terms of human rights. In particular, there is concern over its treatment of foreign workers and discrimination against same-sex relationships.

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