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  • Beware the crow! (A2)
    Beware the crow! (A2)
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    Crows are very intelligent birds. But they are also animals who act on instinct. Combine their intelligence and their instinct and you may have a problem. What type of problem? Crow attacks! 07/07/2024

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  • Meet the new Prince and Princess of Wales! (A1-A2)
    Meet the new Prince and Princess of Wales! (A1-A2)
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    14//6/2023. The title of prince of Wales is a special one. Why? It’s reserved for the next person who will be king. There is no uncertainty. Prince William, King Charles III’s eldest son, is now Prince of Wales. The title began in 1301 when King Edward I gave it to his son, Edward II. 

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  • Marianne Williamson for President – why not? (B1-B2)
    Marianne Williamson for President – why not? (B1-B2)
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    14/06/2023. Marianne Williamson is a candidate for President of the United States. Unfortunately, she’s not being taken seriously. What beef do the American people have with her? Is it because she’s a woman? In part, yes, but it’s mostly because of her past. 

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  • Animal tourism in South Africa, the ethical way
    Animal tourism in South Africa, the ethical way
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    You’re on holiday in South Africa because you want to see the might and majesty of African animals. After all, who doesn’t want to spot a lion creeping through the bush, or a monkey grooming its baby? But is your curiosity unethical? It depends.

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  • Wanted: Penguin Counter (A2-B1)
    Wanted: Penguin Counter (A2-B1)
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    Le 19/10/2022. At the beginning of the year, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust created a strange job alert for four people. It said, “We are now recruiting for a new team to be based at Port Lockroy in Antarctica for the 2022/23 season.” What’s strange about that? There is no electricity, no plumbing and there are no other residents on Goudier island except for 1 500 penguins!

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