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  • Another election in the UK / B2-C1
    Another election in the UK / B2-C1
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    Guess what? There is a general election scheduled for December 12th. As of now, the Tory Party is ahead in the polls, but the Labour Party has been slowly catching up.

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  • Christmas in small-town America
    Christmas in small-town America
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    Now that Thanksgiving is past, everyone decorates for Christmas – if they haven’t already done so. Americans love to decorate the exteriors of their homes. In many small towns, the streets and public parks are transformed into fairy-like light displays.

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  • Thanksgiving
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    This week, across the United States, families are traveling or preparing for the most American holiday of the year: Thanksgiving, which falls on the 4th Thursday of November each year. Many people are looking for their family’s favorite recipes, buying ingredients and beginning to cook the meal that represents the ideal Thanksgiving.

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  • Disney+ officially launches: is Netflix in trouble?
    Disney+ officially launches: is Netflix in trouble?
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    The new streaming service Disney+ has officially launched in the US. Will it be a real threat to the oldest streaming service, Netflix? A subscription to Disney+ includes access to 100s of videos on-demand (VOD) including Disney TV shows and films, National Geographic productions, Pixar and Marvel films as well what is being considered its biggest ‘star’ — the entire Star Wars franchise. 

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  • Remember, remember the fifth of November…
    Remember, remember the fifth of November…
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    In 1605, Guy Fawkes and his friends wanted to blow up important buildings in London where the king and the leaders were meeting so that someone else would rule England. This was called the Gunpowder Plot.

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  • California is in Flames, Santa Ana Winds to Blame
    California is in Flames, Santa Ana Winds to Blame
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    The governor declared a statewide emergency as tens of thousands of acres burned and more than 180,000 people in Northern California were evacuated with many more evacuations and destruction of property expected

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  • Guess what? Brexit is still undecided…
    Guess what? Brexit is still undecided…
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    In case you thought we had heard the last of Brexit, I’m sorry to bring bad news. The original deadline, 31 October (which was already an extension requested by Theresa May to the March deadline), appears to be headed for another extension.

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  • The great milk debate – before or after the tea?
    The great milk debate – before or after the tea?
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    There is nothing more British than a cup of tea (or a ‘cuppa’, as it is sometimes called). Many Brits take their tea with milk. The milk helps balance the tannins in the tea and makes it more mellow. I’ve always had one question: does one put the milk in the teacup before or after the tea?

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  • Impeachment: what it is and is not… / B2-C1
    Impeachment: what it is and is not… / B2-C1
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    President of the United States (POTUS) Donald Trump is the subject of an impeachment inquiry. Many people think that the word ‘impeach’ means ‘to remove from office’, as you can see in the photos of protesters with signs. This is not correct. It can lead to removal from office, but the impeachment in itself is not the reason.

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  • A trip to Swansea, Wales, part 2
    A trip to Swansea, Wales, part 2
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    As I said in the last post, we never visited Joe’s Ice Cream. But what we did eat was something we had never heard of – Welsh cakes. Imagine a scone, but it’s not dry and crumbly, it’s soft and moist with raisins dotted through. It was delightful.

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  • A trip to Swansea, Wales
    A trip to Swansea, Wales
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    Last fall, while on a trip to a conference in Bristol, England, my husband and I decided to take a trip to Swansea, Wales. It is easily accessible by train and almost everything is within walking distance of the train station.

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  • Southern cornbread
    Southern cornbread
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    When the weather starts to cool off and mornings become a bit cold, you can feel that autumn is just around the corner. That’s when Americans say, “This is good chili weather!” There are many things that can accompany chili, but in the South, cornbread is king.

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  • Why people are uneasy about the Will Smith’s Genie and the CATS film trailer
    Why people are uneasy about the Will Smith’s Genie and the CATS film trailer
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    In previous blog entries, we’ve talked about the general reaction of the public when they released trailers for the live-action film ALADDIN and musical film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS. In general, people watched both trailers and found them both to be a little…creepy. This phenomenon has a name: the Uncanny Valley.

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  • A guide to British Politics
    A guide to British Politics
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    There are many major political parties in the UK. The words ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ correspond with the French political system. Here are the seven largest parties and the ‘Brexit Party’ which is not officially recognised, as it was formed solely in reaction to Brexit.

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  • Five things to know about Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets
    Five things to know about Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets
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    Jim Henson (September 24, 1936-May 16, 1990) was an American puppeteer and creator of the Muppets. Originally from Mississippi, he created his first Muppet in 1955. It turned out to be the prototype for his most famous Muppet: Kermit the Frog.

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  • Fried Green Tomatoes
    Fried Green Tomatoes
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    In the Southern US, tomatoes are a summer staple. At the end of summer, there are still a lot of them in our gardens! We also use the green tomatoes – pickled green tomatoes are excellent. Here’s one other dish from the Southern US that uses green tomatoes.

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  • Boris Johnson’s first 24 hours
    Boris Johnson’s first 24 hours
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    Boris Johnson spent his first 24 hours as the new British Tory* Prime Minister trying to convince Parliament and the European Union (EU) to renegotiate the Brexit deal. The EU has repeatedly refused. Now, the October 31 deadline is less than 100 days away and Johnson’s vow to leave seems to be on a three-part collision course between his ideas, the bloc* and Parliament.

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  • Cats 2019 – In cinemas December 20
    Cats 2019 – In cinemas December 20
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    In the UK, there is a saying about Marmite – either you love it, or you hate it. One can say the same about the musical Cats. People often have strong opinions about the show. The trailer for the film adaptation came out last week, and, like Will Smith’s Genie in Aladdin, people seemed horrified at the use of CGI.

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  • Nanaimo Bar
    Nanaimo Bar
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    In the early 1950s, a Canadian housewife named Mabel Jenkins submitted a recipe for a cookie bar to a local cookbook She called it the ‘Nanaimo Bar’ for the town where she lived. The cookie bar recipe became very popular

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  • Treasures from trash – sea glass
    Treasures from trash – sea glass
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    There is a very popular activity for Americans who go to the beach and it’s not collecting seashells! It’s collecting sea glass. Almost every coastline in the world has beaches with sea glass, making the hobby very easy and cheap – you only need a bag and time (and sunscreen!).

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  • UK Music festivals in July and August
    UK Music festivals in July and August
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    UK festival season starts in June. Approximately 4 million Brits will pack up a tent and attend a festival somewhere in the UK, but don’t worry, the season still has many festivals on option, some starting this weekend!

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  • Summer ‘mocktails’
    Summer ‘mocktails’
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    It’s the first heat wave of the summer. Remember to drink a lot of liquid. Here are two cocktails with no alcohol that taste great and will keep you hydrated!

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  • Trooping the Colour
    Trooping the Colour
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    Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays. One is in April (the 21st), on her actual birthday; the other is in June at Trooping the Colour parade (also called The Queen’s Birthday Parade). Why does she have two birthday celebrations?

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  • May to step down in June
    May to step down in June
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    In the latest Brexit news, Prime Minister Theresa May (a conservative who wanted Britain to remain in the EU) announced on May 24 that she would be resigning, effective June 7th. She will remain as a lame duck until a replacement PM can be found, hopefully by the end of July.

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  • America Loses one of its Favorite Sweethearts
    America Loses one of its Favorite Sweethearts
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    On May 13th, Doris Day, an American actress, singer and animal activist died at the age of 97. She started as a big-band singer but is known more for her film career. She was included in the list of the 25 most popular stars in the US from 1950-1968, and in the top five of that list for four years.

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  • Apple Cake
    Apple Cake
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    Here is a simple recipe for an apple cake. Try it with ice cream! Note that in English, ‘Tablespoon’ always has a capital T and ‘teaspoon’ has a small t. This is because sometimes we don’t write the entire word – we may simply put ‘T’ or ‘t’.

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  • « 75% des élèves de 3ème ont du mal à se faire comprendre »
    « 75% des élèves de 3ème ont du mal à se faire comprendre »
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    Cet article détaille les recommandations du CNESCO pour améliorer le niveau en langue des français et... la gamme Go English répond parfaitement à ces recommandations depuis plus de 10 ans !

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  • Rolling Stones Tour Postponed
    Rolling Stones Tour Postponed
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    Legendary rock band the Rolling Stones (formed in 1962!) have postponed their US tour. The ‘No Filter’ tour was to begin in Miami on April 20th and end in New York City on June 17th. The 17 concerts now need to be rebooked. Why all the fuss? The 75-year-old lead singer of the group, Mick Jagger, needed heart surgery.

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  • Brexit: what we know so far
    Brexit: what we know so far
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    On June 24th, 2016, the results of a UK referendum were announced. By a very small margin, people voted in favour of leaving the EU. No one ever expected that almost three years later, they would be still trying to negotiate a deal.

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  • English Trifle
    English Trifle
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    The trifle is a British dessert made from custard, fruit, sponge cake, jam and whipped cream. The ingredients are arranged in layers and served in glass bowls.This famous dessert evolved into the delicious layered dessert we know today.

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  • Captain Marvel and International Women’s Day
    Captain Marvel and International Women’s Day
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    Americans love superheroes. They love movies about them, TV shows about them, comic books about them, etc. There were nine films about superheroes in 2018 alone! From 2019-2022, there are over 40 superhero films scheduled. Why?

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  • Michael Jackson, 10 years later
    Michael Jackson, 10 years later
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    Michael Jackson was an indisputable musical genius and artist who led a troubled life. He traveled with his family while they were on tour and was put on stage to lead The Jackson Five when he was just five years old. For a moment, can you put yourself in his 5-year-old-child shoes and imagine the things he saw and heard?

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  • Did you watch the Oscars?
    Did you watch the Oscars?
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    Sunday night was the 91st Academy Awards. Did you follow along with the list from this blog three weeks ago? There were a few surprises. This was the first Academy Awards ceremony that did not have a host!

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  • Disney’s live-action Aladdin
    Disney’s live-action Aladdin
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    On May 22, Disney will release the live-action version of Aladdin. Last week, the first trailer was released, and Twitter went crazy – but not in a good way. Will Smith (Men in Black, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is playing the Genie, a role created by the late Robin Williams in the 1992 animated version.

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  • Happy Valentine’s day!
    Happy Valentine’s day!
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    This week marks the celebration of love, Valentine’s Day. Americans and Brits go all out to show their love. They give flowers, balloons – and sometimes jewellery. We also give valentines – cards with a message of love. In primary schools, most classes give a valentine to every person in the class.

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  • Winter Wassail
    Winter Wassail
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    ‘Wassail’ is a hot, spiced punch. It is traditionally served at Christmas, but you can drink it all winter. There are many recipes and variations. Generally, it is a mixture of fruit juices and spices, such as cinnamon. The mixture is heated and served warm.

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  • The end of Awards Season!
    The end of Awards Season!
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    The beginning of February is also the end of the American awards season. The season starts in November with the People’s Choice Awards and ends with the most prestigious awards ceremony– The Academy Awards – also called ‘The Oscars’.

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  • Do it yourself (DIY)
    Do it yourself (DIY)
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    Everyone in America and the UK likes to think about doing home improvement jobs themselves. Why not? You can save money and take pride in knowing that you performed a task that many people could (or would) not!

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  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!
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    In the US, we say ‘Happy New Year!’ on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day. After that, you may (or may not) say it to other people you see, but there is no fixed rule that you must say it to everyone you see for the first time before the end of January.

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  • November was bad luck for cartoons and comics!
    November was bad luck for cartoons and comics!
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    On November 12, Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel Universe, died at the age of 95. No one could have predicted that another prolific animator, 57-year-old Stephen Hillenburg, would also pass away just two weeks later. Who was he?

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  • Recipe for hot, apple cider
    Recipe for hot, apple cider
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    There is almost nothing better than a mug of hot apple cider when it’s cold outside. This recipe will warm you from the inside. An extra bonus: your house will smell wonderful!

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  • Black Friday
    Black Friday
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    The earliest use of ‘Black Friday’ to mean the shopping on the day after Thanksgiving was in 1975 in the New York Times. It was used as a negative term to describe the heavy traffic and shopping crowds on the day after Thanksgiving.

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  • Stan Lee - December 28th, 1922-November 12th, 2018 (age 95)
    Stan Lee - December 28th, 1922-November 12th, 2018 (age 95)
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    Beloved comic book creator Stan Lee has died. He was 95. He saw his creations become a giant influence in the movie business. He started as an office assistant at Timely Comics in 1939.

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  • What actually happened at the mid-term elections?
    What actually happened at the mid-term elections?
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    The mid-term election is held at the halfway mark of a president’s ter. Both the Democrats (the more liberal, left-wing side) and Republicans (the more conservative, right-wing side) had hopes and expectations for the results of the November 6th mid-term election.

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  • New England Clam Chowder
    New England Clam Chowder
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    Chowder is a thick soup whose name originated from the French word 'chaudière'. There are many different types of chowders, such as corn, potato or fish, but the best-known variety is made with clams. Here's the recipe!

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  • Happy Halloween!
    Happy Halloween!
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    Halloween is traditional time to eat candy – lots of candy! I don’t know if the ‘Candy Crush’ game developer King decided to launch their newest game ‘Candy Crush Friends Saga’ the week preceding Halloween, but kudos if they did!

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  • It’s fall, and that means pumpkin spice
    It’s fall, and that means pumpkin spice
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    Fast forward to the late 1990s, when Starbucks introduced a new seasonal coffee drink for autumn, the pumpkin spice latte. This was also an instant success! Here is a list of pumpkin spice products that are on or have been on the market.

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  • Revolutions and the Americans and French – not as different as you might think!
    Revolutions and the Americans and French – not as different as you might think!
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    Both countries are very cautious about guarding their rights from being taken by their respective governments.

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  • Paul McCartney died in 1966!
    Paul McCartney died in 1966!
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    There is a rumor that Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in 1967 and replaced by a lookalike. Fans have listed over a hundred ‘clues’ over the years to support this idea. Here are some of the more interesting – and convincing – theories.

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  • Burt Reynolds – American legend
    Burt Reynolds – American legend
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    On September 6th, America lost an icon. You may know him from the 1997 film Boogie Nights. To Americans, especially in the South, Burt Reynolds was famous for much more.

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  • Oxford
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    The British cities of Oxford and Cambridge are famous for their universities, both rankingamong the best in the world. Students from all over the United Kingdom and all over the world dream to study there, or at least to visit these places some day.

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  • Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela
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    Since 2009, Mandela Day is celebrated all around the world on July 18th, on the anniversary date of Nelson Mandela’s birth. The year 2018 marks the centenary of his birth, and celebrations will take place all year long, commemorating Madiba’s heritage.

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  • A historical tour through Belfast
    A historical tour through Belfast
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    The whole island of Ireland is a wonderful place to visit: you can discover beautiful towns and breath-taking landscapes all around the country. But it is also possible to learn about the rich history of both countries while travelling around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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  • The Pacific Crest Trail
    The Pacific Crest Trail
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    Each year, hundreds of hiking fans and wilderness lovers embark on an incredible adventure: the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This long-distance hike is located on the West American Coast and goes through three states: California, Oregon and Washington.

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  • The Epsom Derby
    The Epsom Derby
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    Do you know the Royal Ascot? The most important racing event of the year in the United Kingdom. Today, let’s find out about another major racing weekend: the Epsom Derby.

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  • Test blog GE
    Test blog GE
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